Brand Manager

The brand manager and branding team use the DAM to find assets and to create and share branded content. Various ways to search for assets and navigate through the DAM are required as well as the ability to create collections, lightboxes and the like and the ability to share these internally and externally. Ideally, it would also be possible to build branded ‘portals’ and create branded content easily with a W2P or template builder and have free unlimited read-only access for sharing branded content with partners.

Being ‘on brand’ is important to the brand manager, as such it should be possible to add branding to the DAM itself and versioning has to be universal across all internal systems. The latter ensure branding changes transmit across all instances of an asset. Brand guidelines and the ability to restrict editing/transcoding would also ensure that branding is consistent, so could be useful.

Key Actions Performed in DAM

  • Ability to create collections, lightboxes and/or portals
  • Ability to assign a range of ways to access assets, including temporary and read-only access
  • Ability to add branding & logos and/or colour schemes, themes & fonts to match branding
  • A range of search options incl. Advanced and faceted search
  • Versioning universal across all internal systems

Nice to Have

  • Brand Guidelines
  • ‘Portals’ or the ability to have multiple branded instances with associated brand guidelines
  • Simple editing tasks
  • W2P or template builder to create branded content
  • User-friendly, social media-style UI/UX
  • Unlimited read-only access
  • Ability to restrict editing/transcoding to maintain asset integrity
  • Analytics on asset usage to calculate brand engagement
  • Review and approval workflow


Brand Engagement Manager

The above metrics are based on the Codified Consultant’s Vendor Requirements Database. A simple form-based system that renders any use case scenario against all the accredited DAM vendors.