Packaging Manager / Designer

The packaging manager is a special use case for the product team and requires additional functionality to what the average product manager would. Like the product manager, a creative tool integration, PIM integration and the ability to create versions, derivatives are all required. CRM & MDM integrations might also necessary so the DAM is better able to manage all of the information necessary for product-focussed scenarios. Also it would be useful if creatives can check out assets to prevent others from working on them, and when they check these assets back in they would automatically become versions or derivatives Finally when compound assets (assets containing more than one asset from the DAM) are created, the DAM automatically creates a relationship between the assets.

Where the packaging manager differs from the average product manager is the onus on rights management, the need for product-specific data management and the ability to render packaging in 3D. The information contained within packaging is highly regulated and any errors can result is legal consequences for the company. As such the need for rights management and QC measures is normally greater. Any discrepancy in product-specific information such as GTIN and SKU codes can also be costly, so any way to manage this information more effectively is required. 3D rendering is a ‘nice to have’ for most product managers but a must for the packaging manager as it allows them to fully realise how the packaging will look on the shelf. Ideally, the packaging manager would have the ability to assign temporary access to facilitate conversations with retailers on the packaging. It might also be useful to have a workflow dashboard where creative tasks could be monitored, time limits assigned and the appropriate people notified.

Key Actions Performed in DAM

  • Creative tool integration us
  • Ability to create versions and derivatives
  • PIM Integration
  • Methods to manage GTIN and SKU from the DAM
  • Robust rights management features and quality control measures
  • 3D rendering of packaging

Nice to have

  • Copy management capabilities
  • Workflow dashboard to monitor tasks, due dates etc
  • Ability to assign a range of ways to access assets, including temporary and read-only access (to communicate with retailers)
  • Check out / check in
  • Automatic versioning and relationship creation from creative tools
  • MDM and CRM integrations