Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a large undertaking, even when simply changing from one DAM system to another it is important to construct and then implement a digital strategy.

The key to developing strategy is realising that while DAM sits at the heart of the delivery of digital content within an organisation, the software itself is only one part, organisation-wide considerations must be made.

Before you select a software vendor, you must go through a set of steps looking at your organisation.

Implementing DAM successfully involves people, processes, information and systems, not just buying and installing a piece of software and hoping for the best.

Companies undertake digital transformation projects involving DAM to instigate changes and improvements, selecting software is just one change when in reality you need to make changes across the business.

DAM implementations and digital transformations don’t happen overnight

IQ Equity developed the 6 Steps to DAM Success (6 Steps) which is based on 20+ years experience and our extensive industry-wide knowledge.

We have consulted businesses and organisations from a range of verticals and sectors on all aspects of digital strategy, and served as industry-leading analysts during our tenure.

The 6 Steps is a framework to construct and implement a successful DAM strategy.

By following the 6 Steps it is possible for you to understand your business better, focus in on what you need and prepare the entire organisation for ongoing improvements.

The Codified DAM Consultant (CDC) grants customers access to a set of tools and documentation which walk the user through the 6 Steps.

IQ Equity also creates bespoke services, reports and analyses, alongside the 6 Steps, to personalise the process to the user’s particular needs.

The database behind the CDC and 6 Steps is unique and the most extensive database of specialist, DAM-specific data available.

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