Step 3. Requirements Gathering

Through surveying end users and stakeholders you can gain an understanding of which areas require attention and the functionality desired from the implementation of DAM and/or other software.

You need to align the Must Haves, Should Haves and Could Haves from across the organisation/enterprise, which helps you to prioritise the most desirable functionalities and engage directly with your stakeholders.

The end product is a list of requirements which reflects the organisation-wide desires and expectations for DAM implementation.

With requirements gathering, you are creating a deeper understanding of what you and each of your end users are looking for in terms of your DAM system, processes and overall organisational architecture.

In the end, this helps you to identify the best-suited vendors for your needs.

Many companies ask vendors to fill out lengthy RFPs (request for proposal), RFQs (request for quotation) and RFIs (request for information) in order to gather vendor-specific requirements data.

This can be a painstaking process for the company, who may have a limited knowledge of DAM and other software platforms.

Not understanding how things could be leads to failure in asking the right questions.

Vendors have to commit time and resources into completing these documents and based on the answers they provide may not even be considered for further evaluation.

No vendor is likely to fulfil 100% of your requirements, so it’s important to talk to vendors to find workable solutions to these problems.

In summary the RFP/RFI/RFQ system often fails to deliver the desired information and can prevent companies from having conversations with fit for purpose vendors.

The CDC’s Requirements Builder utilises a rich database of relevant information on our 10 Core accredited vendors, where common DAM requirements are mapped to vendor capabilities.

It is possible to focus on the specific requirements desired and assess the functionality of our accredited vendors side by side, providing you with a score for each vendor’s suitability.

Effectively you are instantly able to view the results of multiple RFIs / RFPs / RFQs and focus in on your specialist requirements when you contact the vendors.

Do you want vendors that perform excellently in creative workflows?

Use our database to find our top-rated vendors in this and many other areas.

Talk to one of our customer outreach representatives for more information.

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