Step 4. Governance

Governance is an enterprise-wide infrastructure made up of the policies, standard operating procedures, and practices used to ensure an organization’s immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements.

Maintaining and adhering to a governance program should be an ongoing fundamental business activity.

Governance should be a top down initiative, led by the CDO (Chief Digital Officer) that dictates DAM usage and is enforced at the user-level through rights, roles and permissions.

DAM governance policies will differ depending on your company’s processes and the sector you work in.

Developing the policies involves defining the changes that will take place during and after the implementation of the DAM.

This includes workflows, storage methods and their management, communication and defining DAM-specific user roles to ensure that the DAM system is operated effectively.

It is also ensuring the company’s own governance policies are reflected in the management and delivery of content.

The CDC contains extensive documentation on governance policy and considerations when implementing DAM.

Governance is an integral piece of consultancy services provided by IQ Equity.

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